What makes Blue Mountains so Special?

Have you ever been to a place that’s surrounded by thousands of eucalyptus trees, where the surroundings seem to be engulfed in blanket of blue air, and where the air smells of fresh mint? Located 50 kilometers away from the main city of Sydney, these mountains lure tourists every single day. Every tourist’s dream spot, these mountains have got the name ‘Blue Mountains’ due to the tiny oil droplets scattered by eucalyptus trees in the atmosphere which makes the overhead air appear blue. This destination is a treasure-trove of scenic beauty, ethnic restaurants, amazing nature trails and discovery walks and breathtaking views. Make sure that your next itinerary is reserved for Australia and specially, Blue Mountain Sydney.

Blue Mountains

Everything about and around them make Blue Mountains a special destination. To start with, the climate enjoyed by Blue Mountains is unparalleled. It remains relatively cool throughout the year. Tourists will love the fact that summers are generally misty, winters can be filled with some sunshine and autumns can be enjoyed to perfection with a hot bath with your loved one. This fantabulous climate contributes a great deal towards Sydney tourism and makes Blue Mountains a tourist hub the year round. People generally book their tickets according to the weather during their vacation. However, with Blue Mountains Sydney, you can book tickets during all seasons!

Sydney is famous across the globe for its nightlife that revolves around vibrant drinks. Blue Mountains are no different, for they are home to some of the world’s best wines produced at local wineries. Winery tours make up for an important part of Blue Mountains visit because they take you straight inside vineyards where wine is produced. You can tickle your taste buds with some elegant wines and come back to your hotel room feeling delightful. Wine tours include sessions like wine tasting and judging where you are familiarized with various aspects used to judge the quality of wine such as its texture, sweetness etc. Once you’re well acquainted with the knowledge of wine, you can flaunt it at the next social gathering by guessing the name of the wine just by tasting it!

Blue Mountains are a complete family place. They can be best enjoyed when you’re with your entire family and preferably friends as well. You can start your weekend day with a refreshing walk at any of the nature trails or the Discovery Walk, specially meant for children. After you’ve accompanied your children for their walks, you can leave them back to the hotel and head for local towns inside Blue Mountains. They’re home to local art galleries that produce some of the finest pieces of art you’ve ever seen in your life. You can even catch up a concert at the local music hall or watch a drama at the local theater. Nights are undoubtedly best enjoyed sitting around a camp fire, talking about horror stories or over some light music! If there’s anyone who plays guitar, make sure they carry their instrument for music over bonfire is really the best moment of life.

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