The Round Singapore Island Historical Tour

Singapore Island Historical Tour

Singapore has many citizens of Chinese descent and a major tour companies there are in the hands of the Chinese. We found this when we were picked up at our hotel. We think that the bus pick us up was our bus tours but it only take people who do all the different tour that day. We moved to Chinatown where we boarded a bus to “Round Singapore Island Tour “. This is the beginning of a seven-hour tour is great, well worth the money we paid.

Singapore Island Historical Tour

We looked at a lot of places including: Chinese gardens; Buddhist Centers; Changi Museum; the funeral of the war; Cross Street; the big gun; the old town; military bases as well as home and former club United Kingdom garrison. There are many more-Changi prison and other POW camps with bunkers that cast entry and residence of the old Chinese elites.

We had lunch in the restaurant at the large Seaside Park near the Causeway leading into Malaysia. Cross Street is very amazing. We see a continuous flow of trucks that run on their own lines back and forth from Singapore to Malaysia.

The basis of the historical tour: So we receive an incredible historical overview on the history of Singapore including a great summary of the attack in the city of Japan during World War II. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the arrest of Japan in Singapore that shows where the attack began, how the battle progresses and the lack of planning by the United Kingdom.

In the main town area, we passed many impressive buildings including three unique-shaped tower with a ship-shaped building on top of that unites them. We seem, sometimes, swirling. But it looks like our driver was trying to avoid the streets are very busy. Each stop is twenty to thirty minutes that gives us plenty of time to see what was there to be seen.

Hard to pick highlights, for history buffs, it surely is the history and historic buildings and areas of the island. For the average traveler, you are immersed in the culture of Singapore and itself becomes Your Spotlight. If you are in Singapore and have the time, this is a travel recommendations for honeymoon or family that is not to be missed.

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