Looking for an accommodation in Rarotonga – The Paradisaical Islands

It’s indeed tough to find paradise on earth. No wonder many tourists still haven’t heard about Rarotonga Islands, situated in the South Pacific Ocean. While a lot of tourists have hailed several islands as paradise, today they are nothing more than sandy lands with heaps of garbage lying all around. Be it Thailand or Maldives, the situation is the same everywhere with all the islands needing massive attention. Rarotonga, on the other hand, hasn’t been discovered by a lot of tourists. Being a little isolated, its seclusion has just proved to be beneficial for these islands that till date are devoid of junk on the beaches or murky and turbid waters!

Rarotonga Islands

You can enjoy absolutely clean beaches that reflect the sun’s rays during afternoon and look no less than an artist’s most ambitious project! The waters are absolutely delightful to take a dive in, since they are stunningly blue just like the ones you see in underwater aquariums. Apart from providing avenues for relaxing with your partner and/or family in isolation, Rarotonga offers opportunities galore to enjoy all those water sports activities you’ve just seen on Discovery and National Geographic but have never got an opportunity to enjoy. Your cravings will find a suitable outlet here on Rarotonga, also known as God’s most mesmerizing creation.

Rarotonga offers a plethora of accommodation opportunities. You’ve Rarotonga Resorts, Rarotonga holiday homes, 5 star hotels and reasonable lodging available on the islands. There’s such a good range of accommodation in Rarotonga that one can find rooms right from $10 to $300 per night on these islands. There’s a lot to suit everyone’s budget and even budding college couples can afford this place and enjoy a gala time. Good resorts are known to offer complimentary breakfasts, sauna and gym facilities, and a garden area to chill out and enjoy a nice candle-light meal and water sports activities as a part of the package. Though you won’t probably find such activities as a part of reasonable lodging, you can just hit the beaches and purchase tickets for such activities on the spot.

Here are a few quick tips to enjoy reasonable accommodation at the best of resorts:
Use online travel portals: Since travel portals are linked to a majority of hotels and resorts all across the world, they can give you access to high end resorts at minimal prices provided you book at least 1 or 2 months prior to your date of stay.
Visit a travel agent: The travel agents who daily give print ads in newspaper boasting of ‘Romantic Europe for 14 days’ and ‘Exotic Far East for 7 days’ can well get you hotels at discounted rates. Ignore their overtly shabby ads because they are well connected with the Holiday Homes Rarotonga offers!

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