Discover Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan

Things To Do In Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth Bavarian themed town, unlike other cities in Michigan, it feels like you’ve stepped back into time when everything was simpler, maybe a bit more peaceful. This is a place where families can enjoy quality time together while you forget the outside world. I enjoyed the visit Frankenmuth all year, not just in the summer. In about one square mile, this ancient town gives visitors a taste of Bavaria as they enter and exit the store, enjoy chocolate, wine tasting, cheese tasting and of course, eat the tasty chicken and famous.

Things To Do In Frankenmuth

Talking about the chicken, it is impossible to talk about Frankenmuth without naming their chickens are world famous! Zehnder’s and Bavarian Inn owned by his brother, Mr. William Zehnder and Mr. Edwin Zehnder. The restaurants are located across the street from one another with an offer a dinner of chicken all-you-can-eat with all the trimmings in a Bavarian-themed atmosphere. Consistent with the theme, the cheery servers in uniform Bavarian style carries the food warm you.

The Bavarian Belle Riverboat is a favorite of other Frankenmuth. With just a few bucks (cash only), you can sit back and relax when the captain of the River Walk boat closed down the beautiful Cass. As a bonus, a Bavarian family that was Belle owned and operated business. Thus, the father and son trying to offer you the best experience with every trip down the river. Oh, and they pop the popcorn is tasty for every trip down the river!

When you take a river boat captain, the view will show the wildlife along the coast, sneak in a funny joke and share the history of informative about the area. There is never a dull moment when he showed the homes of residents of Frankenmuth and discusses the leading Star of the West Milling Company when you look at their operations near the river.

Wandering along the Main Street is a feast for the eyes and stomach. Frankenmuth attract visitors young and old photo opportunity to stand next to a large bright yellow cheese slices with the mouse that appears at the top. Candy store, sausage, and handmade chocolates with large open window attract visitors who want to know. Don’t miss the hidden Castle Shop located on the ground floor the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

South of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant East is Nostalgia Covered Bridge. Vehicles and pedestrians can cross the bridge with pedestrian walkways walled secure on both sides of the bridge. Be sure to walk on both sides of the bridge to enjoy views of the garden and the heritage of the downtown area. This especially goes out to cross the bridge when Belle Bavaria slid under.

Lastly, River Place Shops located at the southern end of Main Street offer culinary delicacies like Sugar High Bakery that won the Cup Cake Wars in Season 7, The Popcorn Wagon for 40 flavors of delicious popcorn and La Crepe du Jour for crepes sweet and artificial savory. River Place Shops contain oodles of family-owned business serving our tongues, pets and beloved children. Clothing stores, wineries, distillery and the stuff from the skin will surely be fun shoppers of all ages. Not to mention the small River meanders through the shopping area.

In closing, Frankenmuth contains more than just the eyes. Take a day or a weekend to explore this city rich with history and charm, festivals and events that often leads you to Frankenmuth many times. You will be amazed with the hidden gem that you find during each visit!

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